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French Embassy in India

The French Embassy in India is developing bilateral cooperation on higher education, science, technology, research and innovation is a priority for France.

The acclaimed cultural festival, “Bonjour India”, first launched with resounding success in 2009-2010, presented a hundred different shows during its second edition in 2013. The third acclaimed edition was held in 2017-2018.

In the field of higher education, 10,000 Indian students chose France for pursuing higher education in 2019. Apart from an attractive visa policy, France’s carries out a twofold endeavour: support to scholarship programmes, and Indian and French institutions for developing inter-university agreements. Several agreements have been negotiated (academic mobility, recognition of each other’s degrees), while others have been signed for encouraging more Indian scholars to study in France.


The French Institute in India / IFI (Institut français en Inde)

The French Institute in India / IFI (Institut français en Inde) is the education, science and culture cooperation service of the Embassy of France in India. It facilitates academic and scientific exchanges between higher institutes of learning and research, enables student mobility and promotes French language and artistic and cultural partnerships. Cooperation between India and France takes place through a number of sectors: Arts & Culture, Books & Ideas, French Language & Education, Study in France, Academic Partnerships, Science & Technology, as well as Innovation and Multimedia. IFI acts as a matchmaker in the exchange of expertise, strengthening connections among private companies and public institutions between France and India.


Campus France

Campus France supports the appeal of French higher education by promoting it to foreign students. Its other roles are to manage French and foreign government scholarship holders, facilitate the implementation of tailored scholarship programs and support foreign students and researchers.

The main missions of Campus France are as follows:
– Promote and make French higher education more attractive
– Encourage and facilitate international student mobility
– Welcome and support international students and researchers
– Analyze and observe international mobility
– Lead and federate partner networks

Campus France is under the joint authority of the French Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Higher Education, Research and Innovation.


Madhya Pradesh Tourism (MPT)

Madhya Pradesh is a state of vivid culture, historical places, hill stations, and rich wildlife experiences. With three world heritage sites, plenty of national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries, it is a true adventure destination of central India which has something for everyone. Best way to explore the wildlife of the state is to opt for jeep safari available at national parks. If your wanderlust doesn’t just satisfy there then the historical monuments and temples will surely fill you with so many incredible memories. So, plan your trip to the heartland of India and discover local heritage, food, culture, and adventure at its best.

Created in 1945, the CIEP is an institution of the French Ministry of National Education. Its missions, which are part of the government’s international cooperation priorities, centre on three areas of activity:

– Cooperation in the areas of education, professional training and the quality of higher education;

– Support for the promotion of the French language around the world by training teachers and education managers and by issuing certifications in French;

– International mobility for people through language assistant and teacher exchange programmes, as well as the issuing of foreign qualification comparability certificates.

To carry out its projects, the CIEP relies on the know-how of a team of 250 staff as well as on a network of over 1 000 experts and national and international partners.

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