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The French artist Enora Lalet was in Bhopal (MP – India) for nearly 5 weeks for several artistic projects. From February to mid-March 2020.

At first, the journey of Enora coincided with the launch of the Cooking Face exhibition (February 06th, 2020) in Bhopal. An exhibition that showed the various works conducted by the artist, in recent years. The heart of Enora’s work on this project is making real portraits, dressing people by using elements of their gastronomy. Beyond this exhibition, the artist also produced a series of original portraits on the theme of Indian cuisine during an artistic residency in Bhopal. The series of photos names “TOTKA”, printed in large formats were be displayed in the gallery of Alliance francaise Bhopal and in 10 others cities in India.


Using local cuisine, and sublimate it, to make people proud of their own gastronomic culture. Through her work, Enora brings a very “pop”, colourful, soft and accessible vision of contemporary art.


“As far as I remember, India crystallized in it, all the existential mysteries, which are revealed into the eyes of the one who want to see.

The marvelous is everywhere and seizes every chance to be embodied in the smallest details of the daily life : in the small mountains of colorful spices, in the pattern of a sari, in the wide-eyed of Kali, in the rituals flowery protection, in the cacophony of the horns that never disturb the cows chilling on a four-way. It is about permanent saturation, a colorful epileptic score that forcefully invites our senses to a dance that we are not ready for.
India heckles our habits, upsets our rasas, whispers magnificent mythological stories.

The culinary world is not an exception through the power of mystery, testifying of a very ancient heritage, bequeathed by the Vedas, 7000 years ago; by the delicate balance of the 3 vital energies which go through our body.

When the Alliance Française de Bhopal invites me to work for an Art residence, it was evident : these 10 years of creating colorful creatures with cross cultures have one thing in common, they all take their inspiration from ancient India, through their multicolored skins, through their divines ornaments, through their flavor evoking ritual or offering.
As a child, the fascination for Balinese dancers of the Ramayana have always infused my artwork. That’s why this series of Indian portraits is born as a certainty on the way of my creation. Inspiring approach were so abundant that it would have been impossible to explore all of it in such a tinny time.

Questioned by Totka, [protection ritual which consists in hanging 1 lemon and 7 green chillis at the entrance of a place to keep away Alakshmi, goddess of misery and poverty], I thought of the series as so: the realization culinary shrouds as a protective ritual. The Totka series contains all the nods to the symbols that were dear to me: the third eye, Gond art, protective mother earth, knowledge of ayurveda plants, temple offering, chakras, tribal dance and finally Shivatri. I have a great respect for all these mythological references. With regards, I add a final Namaste dedicated to my creative duo, the Indian photographer Varun NAMDEV”.

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