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Alliance Française de Bhopal is now more than 35 years old society whose activities are directed by a Governing Body whose members are elected from among its members. Please find below the current governing body of Alliance Francaise Bhopal/Indore.


Become a member

Types of Membership offered by Alliance Française de Bhopal :


1 years Membership

A person can become an active/associate member by paying the following:

a) 1 YEARS: Rs. 1250/-*


3 years Membership

A person is eligible for the Life membership only after the completion of 2 consecutive years of active/associate membership. The fee applicable for life membership is:

a) 3 YEARS: Rs. 3500/-*


*Every application must be proposed and seconded by two existing AFB members. This fee is valid for one year and can be renewed by paying the same amount every year.



  • All members shall receive a copy of the monthly Programme of Events and other relevant communication.
  • All the members shall have access to the AFB library which houses more than 3000 books/documents, video cassettes, music cassettes/CDs and DVDs etc.
  • All members will be invited to participate as special guests to all events organised by AFB.


If you want to become a privileged part of the ever-expanding Francophile community in the Capital of Madhya Pradesh and in Nagpur…..


Contact Ms. Reeta GOHADE, Assistant to Director

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B-75 SHAHPURA - B SECTOR - 462016


BHOPAL : 10AM to 08PM INDORE : 10AM to 08PM
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